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Toyota Rav4 accessories Adelaide

Below are a selection of Toyota factory accessories for the Rav4. Make a No Obligation Enquiry for more information on availability and compatibility with your vehicle.

Toyota Rav4 Exterior accessories

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Side Steps

Side Steps assist with vehicle entry and as an elevated platform for roof access. A sturdy connection to the vehicle using high tensile fasteners protects the vehicle body from damage during off-road driving. It makes mounting and dismounting your bicycle that much easier.

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Tow Bar, Tow Ball and Trailer Wiring Harness(each sold separately)

The RAV4's Toyota Genuine Tow Bar is developed and tested together with the chassis to ensure the strength, durability and integration of both the tow bar and the vehicle. Evaluation is conducted to Toyota Standards which are beyond the minimum Australian Standards and Design Rules. The result is a robust design that has been rigorously tested to maintain Toyota's reputation for quality, durability and reliability. All tow bars are powder-coated for corrosion resistance and feature an adjustable tow ball height. With a maximum braked towing capacity of 1,500kg, Toyota Genuine offers trouble-free towing when you embark on your weekend escape. (Tow bar, Tow ball and Trailer Wiring Harness each sold separately.)

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Alloy Nudge Bar

This Alloy Nudge Bar is tailored specifically for your RAV4. Its polished tubular design helps provide protection from everyday knocks and bumps.

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Bicycle Carrier (Roof Racks sold separately)

This intelligent, elegant solution to bike transportation looks great whilst getting the job done safely. Easily fitted to either side of your RAV4's roof, the Pro Ride Bicycle Carrier features an adjustable frame holder to accommodate most bicycle designs without the need to ever remove a wheel. Quick release straps which are adjustable for different wheel sizes hold the wheels securely whilst providing a quick and convenient way to release your bicycle. For your added security and peace of mind, the Pro Ride Bicycle Carrier can be locked at anytime. (Roof Racks sold separately.) Only available on GXL and Cruiser models.

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Bonnet Protector and Headlamp Covers (sold separately)

Toyota Genuine Bonnet Protector and Headlamp Covers provide added protection from insects, stone-chips and damage. Made from high strength acrylic which is resistant to cracking and UV discolouration, Toyota Genuine Protectors are easy to remove for cleaning and help you keep your RAV4 looking brand new. Bonnet Protector available for all grades (GX, GXL and Cruiser). Headlamp Covers available for GX and GXL grades only.

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Headlamp Covers

Headlamp Covers are attached via robust metal clips and are easy to remove for cleaning to help keep your RAV4 looking new for longer.

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Kayak Carrier (Roof Racks sold separately)

This nifty Kayak Carrier comes complete with four adjustable rubber supports that cradle the hull of your kayak, surfboard or small boat. Whilst gripping securely to hold firmly in place, the fit is gentle so as not to damage your watercraft. It includes straps, which makes loading and unloading your Kayak that much quicker. Roof Racks sold separately. Only available on GXL and Cruiser models.

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Toyota Genuine Mudguards are moulded to fit with your RAV4, minimising the chance of damage from mud and stones that can be flicked up from your tyres while driving. Only available on GX models.

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Park Assist - Front Parking Sensors (2 Head Kit)

Park Assist uses two colour-matched ultrasonic sensors on the front bumper to help you judge how close you are to the car or object in front of you. A concealed beeper heard from within the cabin starts to alert you to how much room you have left, beeping faster the closer you get and then emitting a constant tone if you have gone as close as you should.

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Poseidon Alloy Wheels (set of 4)

Available in 17 inch, Toyota Genuine Alloy Wheels offer a sporty look without compromising on the quality and durability that the Toyota testing regime provides. The rims are stress-tested to ensure they don’t bend or corrode.

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Roof Racks

If you're planning to make the most of the outdoors with your RAV4, the Toyota Genuine Roof Rack System is just the thing to help carry the extra gear required. The easy-to-fit and lightweight design are compatible with a huge range of accessories, including the Kayak Cradle, Bike Carrier and Roof Pod, and have an integrated locking system to deter unwanted Roof Rack removal.

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Ski Holder (Roof Racks sold separately)

These ski and snowboard carriers have been aerodynamically designed and built from corrosion resistant, anodised aluminum and allow ski holder opening at the push of a button, enabling easy loading and unloading of skis and snowboards, even whilst wearing thick ski gloves. Developed with both security and care in mind, the key lockable Deluxe Ski/Snowboard Carriers are gentle on your gear whilst securely holding everything in place. Available in two lengths to suit your lifestyle, carrying up to four skis or two snowboards, or alternatively up to six skis or four snowboards. Roof Racks sold separately. Only available on GXL and Cruiser models.

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Slimline Weathershields

Slimline Weathershields restrict the entry of wind and water when driving with windows in a slightly open position. This allows air flow through the cabin without exposing the occupants, interior and trim to the weather.

Toyota Rav4 Safety & Security accessories

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Alloy Wheel Lock Nuts

The Toyota Genuine Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set means your alloys can be securely locked, helping to protect them from would-be thieves. The strong, premium-quality chrome-plated wheel nuts come with a secure-coded key to lock the alloys in place without detracting from their style and appearance.

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First Aid Kit (Personal & Family)

It's always advisable to have a first aid kit in the car because you just never know what lies around the next corner. Designed by St John Ambulance, the first aid kit features 16 different items, including an essential First Aid Quick Reference Guide and must-have medical supplies for the person on the go. Family Kit Shown.

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Personal First Aid Kit

It's always advisable to have a first aid kit in the car because you just never know what lies around the next corner. Designed by St John Ambulance, the personal first aid kit features 16 different items, including an essential First Aid Quick Reference Guide and must-have medical supplies for the person on the go.

Toyota Rav4 Interior accessories

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Cargo Barrier

The Toyota Genuine Cargo Barrier brings a higher level of occupant safety when carrying cargo that may move while driving. Designed and developed specifically for the RAV4, the Cargo Barrier is built from high-strength steel for impact resistance and is powdercoated for a lasting, corrosion-resistant finish. Built and tested to Toyota standards for impact resistance, the Cargo Barrier is also designed to work in conjunction with the vehicle’s safety systems for maximum passenger protection. It is the ideal accessory for keeping things in their place, whether it’s a grocery run, or a trip away.

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Cargo Mat (Alloy Wheel compatible)

Made from moulded natural rubber, the Toyota Genuine All Weather Rubber Cargo Mat is contoured to the interior with a raised lip to protect the vehicle interior from dirt, mud and minor liquid spills. It's customised to fit snugly to minimise mat movement.

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Carpet Floor Mats - Front & Rear Set

Help protect the floor of your stylish RAV4 from daily wear and tear. These Carpet Floor Mats are woven from quality materials, with distinct RAV4 branding. The driver's side mat features 2 retaining clips to reduce mat movement.

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Fabric Seat Covers

Help keep your RAV4's seats in top condition with durable Seat Covers, tailored to RAV4's seat design and tested to ensure they do not compromise front seat side airbag deployment. Easy to remove for cleaning, they also allow access to seat controls. Available GX grade only.

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Rubber Cargo Mat

The Toyota Genuine Rubber Cargo Mat is tailored to fit your RAV4 and provides additional protection against liquid spills or debris damaging your vehicle carpet. Styled to fit your RAV4, it’s easily removable allowing for a quick and easy clean when required.

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Rubber Floor Mats

Toyota Genuine Rubber Floor Mats are easy to clean and tailored to fit your RAV4. The driver's mat is secured to the vehicle's floor using two retainers for added security, and has a raised lip to help catch mud or moisture in order to maximise the protection of your vehicle's interior.

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Scuff Guard

The Toyota Genuine Scuff Guard protects the rear bumper paintwork from scratches and scuffs when you're loading or unloading the boot. Made from soft but durable neoprene, the Genuine Scuff Guard is unfolded over the rear bumper for use. It sits flat in the boot when not in use and can be removed for cleaning.

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